The era of ready-to-drink cocktails is being spearheaded by BEAT

Launched in Delhi, BEAT Cocktails brings consumers carbonated gin-based cocktails as a lighter, healthier alternative.
Beat opener
Kick back on a lazy Sunday with some of BEAT’s newest ready-to-drink cocktails!

With their newest line of carbonated gin-based cocktails launching in Delhi, BEAT is really showing people how drinking can now be light and refreshing. 

Having hit the floor on 7 February, the brand’s crafted cocktails are a much more delicious and consumer-friendly alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. Available in unique flavour mixes like BEAT Original, Watermelon Crush, and Cucumber Ice, it’s a delightful concoction in every bottle. 

For the two young entrepreneurs, Vidur Relan and Rohan Khare, it’s all about disrupting the drinking culture in India. People tend to associate cocktail making with a bunch of processes and a ton of equipment, but the brand is making sure you BEAT it all! The idea is to make the cocktail drinking experience convenient, memorable, and value for money. The cocktail blends are the brand’s proprietary concoctions made with different flavours chosen to create their distinct mixes.

BEAT’s crafted cocktails redefine the cocktail drinking experience by offering a range of products in different spirit bases that are ready to drink, taking away the hassle of making a cocktail.

This carbonated gin-based cucumber ice cocktail by beat is all flavour, no hassle
This carbonated gin-based Cucumber Ice cocktail by BEAT is all flavour, no hassle

Explaining their vision, Vidur Relan says, “The era of ready-to-drink cocktails is now here. It intends to offer the evolved consumer segment a hassle-free drinking experience with convenience and great variety. We have started with gin-based cocktails as Gin is a preferred cocktail base and will soon be expanding this list to include more spirits. We aim to bring a range of uniquely crafted cocktails within our portfolio.” 

The ready-to-drink beverage market continues to boom on a global level, with BEAT cocktails coming at a time Indian consumers are looking to experiment. As more people continue to become welcome focused, there’s a need to explore ranges beyond the traditional alcoholic beverages. 

Crafted in India at a state-of-the-art facility in Goa, BEAT’s refreshing cocktails have been specially formulated to cater to an evolved and diverse audience. With a range of gin-based cocktails and its upcoming range of other spirit cocktails, BEAT aims to penetrate the Indian market deeply and increase consumer awareness in this segment. 

The various refreshing flavours of beat's ready-to-drink cocktails gives you a different bottle for every mood
The various refreshing flavours of BEAT’s ready-to-drink cocktails gives you a different bottle for every mood

Furthermore, the post-Covid era has also seen an increase in the at-home drinking culture. As your bars continue to stock up and expand, there’s a need for variety, and BEAT’s here to fill just that gap. 

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It was the booming on the go cocktail/ hard seltzer market in the US during Vidur Relan’s time there as a student that caught his eye, spurring him to bring that culture back home. Following his return to the country, he wored in the Indian Private Equity industry and later coupled his insights with his desire to explore the uncharted territory in the Indian Alcohol Industry. 

Complementing him the way BEAT caters to Indian palettes, Rohan Khare’s curiosity towards the tastes and preferences of India’s drinking masses drove him to experiment with exciting concoctions.

And thus came BEAT, and now their ready-to-drink carbonated gin cocktails. Your afternoon plans are now set with some exciting flavours!