The Start Of Our Journey

BEAT was started with the vision of crafting a range of cocktails to give a convenient, on the go bar experience anytime anywhere. This idea is the brainchild of two innovators, Vidur Relan and Rohan Khare.

Vidur Relan, an aspiring serial entrepreneur, was impressed by the booming on the go cocktail/ hard seltzer market in the US during his time there as a student. After returning to India, he gained experience working in the Indian Private Equity industry and later coupled his insights with his desire to explore the uncharted territory in the Indian Alcohol Industry.

Rohan Khare, the other wheel of this pioneering brand is a second-generation entrepreneur. His inquisitiveness towards the tastes and preferences of India’s drinking masses drove him to experiment with exciting concoctions, leading to the birth of their brand BEAT!

Peek Into The Alco Journey!

We are passionate epicureans who aim to make cocktails – easy, by bottling the best. Our drinks are crafted with organic and premium ingredients that have been carefully chosen to create unique blends.

Crafted in India at a state of the art facility in Goa, our refreshing cocktails are a convenient and guilt free alternative to what the market offers.

We want Indian consumers to be exposed to a variety, beyond traditional alcoholic beverages.

So come indulge into the BEAT experience..!!

What Drives Us?

Whether it’s in your college mini fridge or a to-go drink for your road journey– BEAT is the perfect mix of convenience and flavour.

Our bottled cocktails are made with the intention of giving you the experience of a bar everywhere – Just pull the cap off and enjoy the BEAT!

The Future Ahead Of Us!

We are geared to go a long way to satisfy your taste buds and keep you guessing.

Stay tuned for our new flavors.